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Client Overview: Platino, a prominent player in the SaaS loan management sector, approached our agency in pursuit of a brand identity overhaul. Their existing identity, although successful, was in need of a refresh to keep pace with contemporary market trends, while also maintaining a strong connection to their parent company.

Project Overview: Our primary goal for this project was to craft a brand identity that seamlessly encapsulated Platino’s core values and modern market dynamics. The challenge was to create an identity that resonated with the current industry trends and remained in harmony with their parent company’s image.


Platino’s previous brand identity, though functional, no longer reflected the contemporary spirit of their SaaS solution or the dynamics of the market. The challenge was to create a new identity that not only met their modernization requirements but also retained a strong connection to their parent company’s identity.


To meet these challenges, we took a systematic approach:

1. In-Depth Research: Our team conducted thorough market research to grasp the evolving trends and preferences in the SaaS loan management industry.

2. Concept Development: We crafted a range of brand identity concepts, each tailored to reflect Platino’s commitment to innovation and market leadership, while also aligning with their parent company’s branding.

3. Transparency and Collaboration: Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with the Platino team, ensuring their vision was intricately woven into the new identity.

4. The Final Brand Identity: The end result was a fresh and contemporary brand identity that blended seamlessly with the modern market while maintaining a strong connection to their parent company.


Project Outcomes: The new brand identity not only reflected Platino’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge SaaS solutions but also established them as a forward-thinking industry leader. It effectively bridged the gap between tradition and innovation, positioning Platino as a premier choice in the loan management sector.

Client Satisfaction:  The outcome was met with great enthusiasm from the Platino team. Their new brand identity sets the stage for a promising future in the industry, aligning them with current market trends while preserving their connection with their parent company. In conclusion, this project exemplifies our commitment to delivering brand identity solutions that resonate with our clients’ core values, industry dynamics, and aspirations.


Sales Manager at Platino

“Working with this agency was a pivotal moment for us. They breathed new life into our brand identity, aligning it with market trends and our parent company’s image. Their research and design work was spot-on. The end result exceeded our expectations, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.”

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Let’s Craft Your Brand’s Story Today!

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Let’s Craft Your Brand’s Story Today!

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