Focus Rebels

Productivity Enhancement Company


Client Overview:  Focus Rebels, a forward-thinking player in the productivity enhancement industry, approached our agency with a clear vision: to create a brand-new logo that would reflect their commitment to boosting employee productivity. Their existing brand identity no longer conveyed their innovative approach, and they were eager to stand out in the competitive market.

Project Overview:  Our primary goal for this project was to design a brand new logo that not only portrayed Focus Rebels in the best possible light but also resonated with their industry and services. The challenge was to create a logo that would reflect their core mission while maintaining a competitive edge.


As a brand-new company in the productivity enhancement industry, Focus Rebels faced the unique challenge of establishing a brand identity from scratch. They needed a logo that would instantly communicate their innovative approach and competitiveness in the market while representing their mission to boost employee productivity.


Our Approach: To address these challenges, we followed a well-defined approach:

1. In-Depth Research: Our team conducted extensive research to understand the latest trends and visual aesthetics relevant to the productivity enhancement industry.

2. Concept Development:  We crafted multiple logo concepts, each carefully designed to communicate Focus Rebels’ dedication to improving employee productivity.

3. Transparency and Collaboration: Throughout the project, we maintained transparent communication with the Focus Rebels team, ensuring that their vision and insights were integrated into the new logo.

4. The Final Brand Identity:  The result was a brand new logo that not only positioned Focus Rebels as a leader in productivity enhancement but also established a strong presence in the competitive market.


Project Outcomes:  The new logo design effectively encapsulated Focus Rebels’ commitment to enhancing employee productivity. It positioned them as a modern, innovative brand in the productivity enhancement industry and set them on the path to achieving their goals.

Client Satisfaction: The project was a resounding success, met with great satisfaction by the Focus Rebels team. Their new logo design was just the beginning of our collaborative journey. We continued to work together on various projects, including the development of a new website, establishing a strong and enduring partnership. In conclusion, this project exemplifies our dedication to crafting brand identity solutions that align with our clients’ core values, industry dynamics, and aspirations.


CEO of Focus Rebels

“Focus Rebels was born with the help of this amazing agency. Their talent shines in their ability to create a brand identity from scratch. They understood our vision and delivered a logo that sets us apart in our industry. A great start to our partnership!”

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Let’s Craft Your Brand’s Story Today!

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Let’s Craft Your Brand’s Story Today!

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